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If you’re just starting out and your budget is tight, Zoom is free for up to 40 minutes of recording time for conversations with three or more participants. However, Zoom podcast recordings aren’t the highest quality, and Zoom isn’t known for having the most reliable connectivity — which is why most serious podcasters opt for more specialized software. Some podcasters use Zoom to record remote interviews because they’re already familiar with the platform and it can be easy to use. You can also send a link for your guest to join with a single click — without installing Zoom.

Test your mic and camera and then enter your recording studio with your guests. When you create an audio file, your software will either use mp3 or WAV format. Mp3 files are compressed for efficient storage space, meaning some of the audio is lost to make room. The goal of the mp3 format is to create CD-quality audio at a much smaller download size.

Summary: What Online Call Recording App Should I Use for My Podcast?

As podcast popularity continues to boom, publishing platforms are popping up everywhere, which often offer recording, editing, hosting, and publishing services all in one. This all-in-one service increases the demand for independent editors because free publishing platforms offer only basic built-in editing tools. They can be a great way to start a podcast, but companies are quickly learning they often don’t provide the high-quality, precise editing that a professional with a Digital Audio Workstation can offer. Hindenburg Journalist PRO is a digital audio workstation designed specifically for podcasters, journalists, radio broadcasters, and other professionals who require high-level production value.

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5 years media production experience and 2 years managing... A podcast producer’s job is to provide strategic direction and leadership to the production of a podcast. Whatever your “weak spots” might be, there are a few different routes you can take to strengthen up. Pretty much everything you’d need to know can eventually be found online, with a combination of Google and Youtube. You can also plug into Facebook groups and online forums full of other podcasters if you want to be able to ask questions. And if you’re looking for a more efficient way to learn so you can level up faster, courses are the way to go. You’ll get targeted advice, expert guidance, and often a community where you can get support and answers.

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It seems like everyone is starting or has started a podcast, and 50% of all US homes listen to podcasts. Every podcast needs an editor, whether that is one of the hosts or a hired audio editor like you. Voices can help connect you to those podcast editing jobs so you can start working. On average, it can take 3-5 minutes of editing per minute of recorded audio, so even a short-term podcast editor who is editing an entire episode will have a few hours of work ahead of them. Of course, building a relationship with a podcaster can mean the ability to set up templates ahead of time, so each recording is the best it can be at the start.

If you'd like to edit or close your job post, you can do this yourself with the link in the email you received when posting the job. Riverside.fm team The Riverside.fm team gathers to write up actionable resources to help you start, create, publish, and promote your content. When preparing to record your first remote podcast, double-check your surroundings. Ensure your phones are set to silent, distractions are minimal, and extra browser tabs are closed. And if they don’t have a microphone or you’re in a pinch, encourage them to use their standard earbuds with a built-in mic; that’ll still be miles better than settling for their laptop’s built-in microphone. For best results, your guest needs the same types of equipment that you do.

What is the Podcast Industry Like?

As some podcasts are utilizing both audio and video, video and audio production are needed for employment. Having skills in both areas can take your employability up another notch and help match you to a broader scope of potential clients. Like it or not, a day will come when you think to yourself, “I should remote work podcast start a podcast.” But learning the ins and outs of a digital audio workstation stands in your way. You want to spend your time podcasting, not mastering the eccentricities of arcane tools that almost seem purpose-built to scare off those who are unable to invest the time and money for a 10 week course.

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